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Simseer is a free online service that tells you how similar to each other are the software that you give it. It is built using the technology of Malwise. There are a number of applications where it is useful to know if software is similar such as malware classification, incident response, plagiarism detection, and software theft detection.

This service performs bug detection in Linux executable binaries. It does this by using static program analysis. More specifically, it is performed using decompilation and data flow analysis. Currently, the service checks for the presence of some double frees in sequential code that use the libc allocator functions.

Clonewise is an open source project to identify clones of packages embedded in other software source. Identifying package clones enables us to automatically infer outstanding vulnerabilities from out of date clones.

Malwise [unreleased]
The Malwise malware classification system is a more robust and effective signature based system that can identify unknown malware if they belong or are related to an existing known malware or family of malware.

Malwise's unique approach to detect malware has been published, but a release is not currently available to the public. However, Malwise forms the basis for other software and services.

Binalyze [unreleased]
Binalyze is an interactive binary analysis tool. It allows you to visually navigate through a programs call graph and control flow graphs.

Wirey [under development]
Wirey is a service that translates x86 executables to the Wire intermediate language. Users can perform their own analyses on Wirey's results.

Rebooter [under development]
Rebooter is an automated unpacking service based on the Reboot application-level emulator.


Reboot [as used in Malwise and Simseer]
Reboot is an application level emulator for Windows and Linux. It can perform dynamic analysis and it is used for malware unpacking in Malwise.

Wire [as used in Malwise, Simseer, Binalyze, and Bugwise]
Wire is an intermediate language for executable objects. It is used by Malwise, Binalyze and Bugwise. It is an architecture independent and simple language that makes developing static analyses easier. Wire also includes a monotone framework that performs data flow analyses and is used by Bugwise.